When I first found this fantasy novel on Amazon, I did not know what to think of it. The cover really did draw me in and since I do not like reading the summary before I read a book, I thought I had found another boring book. But after reading through the first couple of pages, I was ensured that Tyler Chase has penned a great novel that features around the character, Comron, who’s name is not the only thing unique about him. Chase not only is able to capture great characters with his writing style but he is also able to create whooping scenes that are enliven by details.

The main character, Comron, may not be liked by all readers, but I am a huge fan of a complex, unstable leaders. Comron, from the beginning of the novel took all my attention and I focused all my efforts with him. Besides, Comron, the novel has a wide array of other characters that do a good job of enlivening the novel. Vaush, is the first other character to come to mind.

Chase has a way with words that create great scenes that run smoothly together. All her scenes take a good advantage of their settings to create dynamic backgrounds and cities that truly pop out to the mind. Being able to have the readers see the world you create, is by far what makes a fantasy novel successful and Chase has definitely succeed at creating scenes for the mind’s eye.

I count down the days till the sequel comes out! I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s interested in reading fantasy novels, as you will be right at home as you read through this great read crafted perfectly by Tyler Chase.This may be the first book I read by Tyler Chase but it definitely will not be the last!

Surly Bonds Book Review

The other day I dived into Surly Bonds by Michael Byars Lewis not knowing what to expect, and after racing through the first one hundred pages, I was hooked. Micheal Lewis does a great job of making sure that his novel stays fresh and fluid. The main character, Jason Conrad, is a pleasure to read about on his adventure as an air force pilot student. Being completely fleshed out amongst the near three hundred pages of the novel, Jason Conrad is a great strong character that I think any fan of Tom Clancy would surely enjoy.
Another small thing that adds a great detail to the novel is the fact that Micheal Byar Lewis served as a Gunship Pilot in the Air Force Special. His eighteen years of serving for the United States Air Force adds a great layer of realism to his novel that makes all the flying scenes not only real, but also completely authentic.
Michael creates a great environment that comes to life through his unique, easily recognizable style of writing. The streets of Moscow to the airspaces of America are both written in such a great detail that you feel as if you too are sitting right next to the fighter pilot experiencing everything that he’s going through. The writing style Michael possess makes his scenes teeming with life and bursting with poignant emotions, buzzing life, and beautifully written characters.
I would recommended this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great novel that displays the same environment that the Tom Clancy series displayed. Any fan of the airflight, air force, or just piloting in general will definitely fall in love with Michael’s fascinating novel.

A Forward Motion

When it comes to my feelings about Sherrie Lynn’s romance novel A Forward Motion, they’re deeply connected with the deepness of the characters Crystal and her cousin Danielle the two grow up on the not so great side of town where violence, drugs, and crime is a common thing to see. Not only do we get to see the early teen lives of Danielle and Crystal but also up into their adult hood where they start to get married and carry on with their personal relationships. This aspect of the book, watching the characters grow up, is one of my favorite parts of the story as Sherrie Lynn does a fantastic job of developing the characters out through out the years until their adult hood.

Sherrie Lynn is a phenomenal writer and her unique writing style brings life to the world of the 70′s as well as making the characters feel like people that we would meet in our everyday lives. Sherrie writes style and tone matches the plot perfectly.

I would recommend this novel to any who’s looking for a character rich novel as Sherrie Lynn does a fantastic job of creating a true work of art with her characters that are engaging, relatable, and pure interesting. This book is for readers who like substance and a desire to escape into the characters world. Nothing lack luster about this book if your a true reader. Can’t wait to see the movie version if its ever made.

Hero High by V.R. Knight

Be dumped back into the days of high school after reading through Hero High by V. R. Knight you will find yourself going through the many experiences of JJ, a young girl who quickly befriends her roommate with the ability to read the future and a guy. The novel is a highly fun, interactive young adult novel that mixes an engaging plot with high enjoyable characters to create an experience that both is an easy read to get involved in as well as a pleasureful novel. V. R. Knight is a great writer that is able to convey great emotional stakes into her novel and makes sure that the reader knows what the JJ actually has to lose. Most writers now a days forget to fully tell what the main character has a stake and don’t go into detail about what the character actually has at stake.
I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great novel to read as Hero High is a great novel that tells an engaging story centered on a highly engaging main character JJ. Hero High is essentially a newer hipper adaption of X-Men or Sky High.

Five Years Book Review

The first in a series of novels by Leonard Belmont, Five Years is a beautifully written love story about the love lives of a young man and the girl of his dream. This novel is a short read that only took me a night to read, but all the way I highly enjoyed reading through it. Leonard Belmount has a great writing style that’s both beautiful and interesting. The way the story is also a unique approach that I haven’t seen other authors take. It’s for the reason that Leonard writes his novel that makes me like it the most. Five Years has an approach that lets you see the love that the couple has first hand and watch how it blossomed over the years to the stable marriage that it becomes.
I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great novel series that has deeply written characters with a poignant plot. I can’t wait to read Leonard Belmont’s other novels and the future novels series installments after Five Years.

Vic: Never Give Up Book Review

22854115Even though I haven’t read through any of the previous two novels in the series, I decided to jump right on in into Jerry Gill’s latest action novel, Vic: Never Give Up. Even though I haven’t read through any of the first two books, I didn’t feel too lost when it came to the plot and I was still able to get to close to the characters, growing my own feelings towards them. Jerry, makes sure that his novel is easy for anyone who’s new to jump right on in and start reading without having to read through the back catalogue.

Never Give Up, focuses on the adventures of Vic and Lin as they get ready to go camping but before they are allowed to leave they get taken prisoner by a Dine, who thinks they’re murders. By the end of the novel they’re on the chase to rescue two children from a deadly Slaver! The plot is truly something you haven’t heard before and for all of those who think that this novel is their cup of tea, you would be surprised how open this novel is. The novel is a blend of action and adventure at it’s finest as well as providing a plot that’s both energetic and a fun journey.

In conclusion, I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a good adventure novel as you’re going to fall in love with Never Give Up, and if you like this novel and you’re looking for something else to read while you wait for the fourth novel to come out, you can read through the series first two novels–which I heard are just as good.

Dehumanize Us

22892494Firstly, I would like to say thank you to  Emmanuelle Grey for sending me an ARC of her novel, which was greatly appreciated. Also I would like to note that the cover art for this novel is wonderful and full of vibrant colors. Dehumanize Us, is a brilliant Science fiction novel following Circe on her quest to save her brother who’s been kidnapped by The Others on Earth. The brilliant writer Emmanuelle Grey does a great job of capturing Earth as no other writer has captured it by talking about in vivid details color–almost as vibrant as the cover.

Emmanuelle Grey does a great job at her job as a writer. She describes the settings in a sense that actually places you on this new earth that has been transformed and redesigned with cyborgs, with chips implanted under their skin. They’re truly some of the greatest description that I’ve read in a novel in a while. Her narration is also on point making the novel flow in such a way that makes sure that everything feels fast paced. I mean this in the greatest way. They’re no spells of boring inside of this novel.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great novel that follows a likable, relatable female protagonist, Circe. I feels so great to receive such a great novel as an ARC.

The Queen of Carleon Book Review

I’m new to Linda Thackeray writing, but in her newest fantasy novel you will fall in love with the kingdom of Carleon and Arianne and strong, brave female protagonist. Linda has a unique writing style that’s both powerful and mesmerizing and glues you to the page. I read this novel in one sitting during a peaceful afternoon–rare but appreciated. There are many things that Linda does about her novel that I both enjoyed and would love to see in her next novel. The characters are finely written and have a great depth that makes them both believable and relatable, while the plot is both the classic epic journey to save the entire kingdom which also feels very accomplishing, her writing style is also very beautiful and well sewn together.

Linda’s character Arianne, is a powerful female protagonist. In the literary genre were most female characters are either too macho and try to hard to be as powerful, dependent, and strong as their male counterparts, or just fall under the damsel in distress category. Arianne does a great job of standing out between the two hackneyed stages of characters.

The plot is also one of the things that will have you binging through this novel no matter what you have to do latter in the day. I felt highly connected to this novel and could not put it down once I started. The kingdom of Carleon is greatly described and I can feel as if I actually know the kingdom myself.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for great fantasy novel to read as there are only a few that get better than The Queen of Carleon!

An Adventure in Mysticism

After reading through Armageddon and the 4th Timeline, I decided to read through its prequel An Adventure in Mysticism. Unlike, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline, An Adventure in Mysticism takes a more slower approach and focuses more on the spiritual growth and development of the characters rather than the action and chaos of Armageddon. But this approach to focus more on the character doesn’t take away from the novel one bit. Learning about the growth of the characters and watching them develop is a pleasure.

The characters in this prequel are a from Armageddon and the 4th Timeline with a few new faces, but this novel deepness our understanding of the characters that we meet in the first novel.

Anybody who’s read through Don’s other work will know that his writing style is unique and doesn’t match another author anywhere near. His writing style has great deepness and explores deeper beyond the skin of the characters into their essence. Don has mastered a very creative approach of writing style that is evident in all of his writings.

An Adventure in Mysticism is great novel that fuses together some witty humor, spiritual growth, and mystic elements creating a wonderful read that’s both an experience to behold and a daring journey.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who has read through Armageddon and The 4th Timeline and wants to see more of the characters in that novel.

Instant Karma Book Review

 22754768In this romance novel, we’re transported into the life of Siena as she gets caught up in a run of bad luck in the small village of Fenville. Where she’s leading the development of new flats and stores that will destroy the local library and hall. This doesn’t rest well with townspeople as they protest the development and the leader of the protest happens to be no other than Siena’s high school sweetheart.


Instant Karma follows a unique plot that’s both interesting to read and intriguing as it unfolds before you. Even though it length is around 300 pages, I found my self racing through it in a few days. The romance side of the plot is well told, quirky, and utterly heat melting. Watching Siena chose between wealth or the happiness of her friends, is a amazing thing to watch.


The best thing that I love about this novel is how flowing Donna Marie Oldfield makes her novel flow. The sentences flow together lovely with great diversity. There isn’t pages of short sentences that start and stop, or whole pages of long sentences that slow the entire pacing off. But a combination of the both. The author also does a great job of making sure the transitions from dialogue to narration.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great romance novel that features greatly written characters. Even though Instant Karma is British, it’s still accessible for people in the states