Vic: Never Give Up Book Review

22854115Even though I haven’t read through any of the previous two novels in the series, I decided to jump right on in into Jerry Gill’s latest action novel, Vic: Never Give Up. Even though I haven’t read through any of the first two books, I didn’t feel too lost when it came to the plot and I was still able to get to close to the characters, growing my own feelings towards them. Jerry, makes sure that his novel is easy for anyone who’s new to jump right on in and start reading without having to read through the back catalogue.

Never Give Up, focuses on the adventures of Vic and Lin as they get ready to go camping but before they are allowed to leave they get taken prisoner by a Dine, who thinks they’re murders. By the end of the novel they’re on the chase to rescue two children from a deadly Slaver! The plot is truly something you haven’t heard before and for all of those who think that this novel is their cup of tea, you would be surprised how open this novel is. The novel is a blend of action and adventure at it’s finest as well as providing a plot that’s both energetic and a fun journey.

In conclusion, I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a good adventure novel as you’re going to fall in love with Never Give Up, and if you like this novel and you’re looking for something else to read while you wait for the fourth novel to come out, you can read through the series first two novels–which I heard are just as good.

Dehumanize Us

22892494Firstly, I would like to say thank you to  Emmanuelle Grey for sending me an ARC of her novel, which was greatly appreciated. Also I would like to note that the cover art for this novel is wonderful and full of vibrant colors. Dehumanize Us, is a brilliant Science fiction novel following Circe on her quest to save her brother who’s been kidnapped by The Others on Earth. The brilliant writer Emmanuelle Grey does a great job of capturing Earth as no other writer has captured it by talking about in vivid details color–almost as vibrant as the cover.

Emmanuelle Grey does a great job at her job as a writer. She describes the settings in a sense that actually places you on this new earth that has been transformed and redesigned with cyborgs, with chips implanted under their skin. They’re truly some of the greatest description that I’ve read in a novel in a while. Her narration is also on point making the novel flow in such a way that makes sure that everything feels fast paced. I mean this in the greatest way. They’re no spells of boring inside of this novel.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great novel that follows a likable, relatable female protagonist, Circe. I feels so great to receive such a great novel as an ARC.

The Queen of Carleon Book Review

I’m new to Linda Thackeray writing, but in her newest fantasy novel you will fall in love with the kingdom of Carleon and Arianne and strong, brave female protagonist. Linda has a unique writing style that’s both powerful and mesmerizing and glues you to the page. I read this novel in one sitting during a peaceful afternoon–rare but appreciated. There are many things that Linda does about her novel that I both enjoyed and would love to see in her next novel. The characters are finely written and have a great depth that makes them both believable and relatable, while the plot is both the classic epic journey to save the entire kingdom which also feels very accomplishing, her writing style is also very beautiful and well sewn together.

Linda’s character Arianne, is a powerful female protagonist. In the literary genre were most female characters are either too macho and try to hard to be as powerful, dependent, and strong as their male counterparts, or just fall under the damsel in distress category. Arianne does a great job of standing out between the two hackneyed stages of characters.

The plot is also one of the things that will have you binging through this novel no matter what you have to do latter in the day. I felt highly connected to this novel and could not put it down once I started. The kingdom of Carleon is greatly described and I can feel as if I actually know the kingdom myself.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for great fantasy novel to read as there are only a few that get better than The Queen of Carleon!

An Adventure in Mysticism

After reading through Armageddon and the 4th Timeline, I decided to read through its prequel An Adventure in Mysticism. Unlike, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline, An Adventure in Mysticism takes a more slower approach and focuses more on the spiritual growth and development of the characters rather than the action and chaos of Armageddon. But this approach to focus more on the character doesn’t take away from the novel one bit. Learning about the growth of the characters and watching them develop is a pleasure.

The characters in this prequel are a from Armageddon and the 4th Timeline with a few new faces, but this novel deepness our understanding of the characters that we meet in the first novel.

Anybody who’s read through Don’s other work will know that his writing style is unique and doesn’t match another author anywhere near. His writing style has great deepness and explores deeper beyond the skin of the characters into their essence. Don has mastered a very creative approach of writing style that is evident in all of his writings.

An Adventure in Mysticism is great novel that fuses together some witty humor, spiritual growth, and mystic elements creating a wonderful read that’s both an experience to behold and a daring journey.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who has read through Armageddon and The 4th Timeline and wants to see more of the characters in that novel.

Instant Karma Book Review

 22754768In this romance novel, we’re transported into the life of Siena as she gets caught up in a run of bad luck in the small village of Fenville. Where she’s leading the development of new flats and stores that will destroy the local library and hall. This doesn’t rest well with townspeople as they protest the development and the leader of the protest happens to be no other than Siena’s high school sweetheart.


Instant Karma follows a unique plot that’s both interesting to read and intriguing as it unfolds before you. Even though it length is around 300 pages, I found my self racing through it in a few days. The romance side of the plot is well told, quirky, and utterly heat melting. Watching Siena chose between wealth or the happiness of her friends, is a amazing thing to watch.


The best thing that I love about this novel is how flowing Donna Marie Oldfield makes her novel flow. The sentences flow together lovely with great diversity. There isn’t pages of short sentences that start and stop, or whole pages of long sentences that slow the entire pacing off. But a combination of the both. The author also does a great job of making sure the transitions from dialogue to narration.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great romance novel that features greatly written characters. Even though Instant Karma is British, it’s still accessible for people in the states

The Dragonrider’s Quest Book Review

It’s always a such a pleasure to read through a good fantasy novel that has a strong fully fleshed out characters as well as a plot that does a great job of hooking the reader from the very start, which is exactly what Daphne Ignatius brings to her latest novel, The Dragonrider’s Quest. From the very first chapter the reader is sucked into the world of Aenorm, a dragonrider trying to prove herself as a brave warrior.

Another thing I loved about the Dragon Rider was that Daphne’s voice is very flowing and easy to read, which makes it a very casual read instead of most fantasy novels which are boggled down by long adjectives, whooping scenes filled with information trivial to the plot, and a bunch of complicated words. Daphne does a great job of making sure the reader can sit down and relax when it comes to reading her novel.

The plot is also something that I love about the novel. From the very first chapter the plot reels you in, without having to go through the long exposition of setting the novel up. But the novel also doesn’t lack without this initial setup as everything is still quite comprehensive.

In conclusion I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great fantasy novel that will hook you from the very start and reel you in until the very end, because The Dragonrider, does just that.

The Color of Home Book Review

Rich’s Marcello 2013 novel boggles down to the story focuses to a poignant love story set in the 21st century. The great romance set in the backdrop of contemporary America, tells a poignant tale of two lovers trying their best to stay in contact while also doing some soul searching. Rich Marcello, does a wonderful job of creating powerful main characters Nick Satterborn & Sassa Vikander, who are a joy to watch unfold through emotional plot which will leave you captivated.

Nick and Sassa are the two leading characters who are by far one of my favorite couples that I’ve read in recent works of fiction. Their love story is a compelling love story that shows the struggles of life and loss in a realistic sense with rich characters. Ultimately by the end of the novel, you will have compared your love life to the fictional lives of Nick and Sassa. They are two easily relatable characters who you can’t help but compare yourself to.

Rich also has a strong sense of words and makes sure that his novel flows with a great pace and makes sure every scene is developed to its fullest. You aren’t going to find cheap, cliche lines you’ve heard before a thousand times, nor are you going to find boring dialogue about this and that, making the novel read as if it’s a first draft than a finished copy. Rich does a great job of making sure his novel is clean and pristine.

In conclusion I would recommended this novel to anyone whose looking for a great strong read to finish up their summer, The Color of Home will definitely win you over with it’s strong romantic plot and compelling characters. Even if you aren’t too into the romance genre, this one will definitely win your heart.

Harry’s War Book Review

I’ve only read a few military novels and only a smaller few have ever been able to capture my attention without boring me with military linguistics. But Harry’s War, a military novel focusing on the engagement of American Air Force vs the Iranian Air Force over Iraq, tells the story of a compelling story between the air forces while giving us great detail on the planes themselves.

Harry is a great well written character, who Ed is able to dissect and make sure that he feels like a human being. He’s a great written character who makes the story interesting as well as making sure the reader isn’t able to put the story down. Ed has a great way of words and makes sure that the novel is well-written. There aren’t clunky parts of his novel where things fall apart or don’t make sense. The entire novel flows well without being boggled down by mindless facts.

The details on the weapons and guns used during the fight is surreal. Ed does an amazing job of keeping the military feel to his novel, even for those who never served.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s a die hard fan of the air force, as there’s much to learn from reading through this novel. Also anyone who’s read other military novels would find this novel to be quite a good read as well. The cover is also amazingly well drawn.

Tokyo Tales Book Review

For me, this is an interesting unique read out of my niche of reading. Tokyo Tales is a collection of short stories that are focused on the Japanese culture.

For me the stories in the middle of the novel, are where the novel starts to shine. They start to tell heart warming tales and reel you in with great hooks and premises. I’ve read through this entire novel in a couple of days, trying to read it in pieces and savor the great parts of the novel. My favorite story would have to be Perfection, as it was beautifully written and easily relatable.

As you can tell from the cover art, the artist, Yoshimi Ohtani, does an amazing job drawing with a flavor that feels authentic to Japanese art style. More of her drawings are sprinkled through out the novel in the stories and are all well drawn using colors that pop off of your Kindle.

I would recommended this novel to anyone who’s looking for a novel that explores the contemporary culture of Japan or interested in Japan in general. The stories included in this collection are very wonderfully written with none of the latter stories feeling like a repeat from earlier stories. Renae Lucas-Hall, truly does a great job writing all of the stories included in this novel.

Predatory Kill Book Review

From the very first legal thriller I read back in grade school, I’ve been hooked to the genre and constantly reading dozen of legal thrillers. So I found my way face to face with Kenneth Eade’s newest legal thriller, Predatory Kill. From the first glance at the cover–I know something you’re not supposed to do– I had mixed feelings towards the novel and not knowing what to expect. But after opening this novel up and giving it a read, I’ve fell in love with every scene that Kenneth’s wrote.

The novel focuses on lawyer, Brent Marks, who was an incredible written character who I was able to connect with almost instantly. Brent Marks, is an amazingly written character who’s a pleasure to watch unfold throughout the novel. I hope that Eade continues his series and further develops Brent in future installments. The plot is also a pleasure to watch unfold through twist and turns that keep me guessing and wondering till the very end.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s a fan of legal thrillers. You will constantly find Kenneth Eade’s thriller to be an exciting page turner filled with suspense and plot twist. Predatory Kill by Kenneth Eade is truly a treat to all fans of legal thrillers.