The Honk of Zagonk

Over the past years, I’ve grown closer to Pat Hatt children novels. Each one is written in a great style, beautiful high-quality pictures, clear tone, and fun to read plots. The Honk of Zagonk does a great job of keeping up with what I’ve grown accustomed to in a Pat Hatt novel. All of the art is done well and adds a great visual layer for your child to start being able to match words with actions and objects. The art also does a great job making sure that your young one can stay hooked to the reading.

This novel is told through the viewpoints of dragons! Nothing captures a child’s eye greater than flying, fire-breathing dragons. Zagonk, a little more unique than the other dragons. Instead of following what has been done before and the past at the Dragon Hall, Zagonk honks instead of following tradition and blowing a fire ball. For this Zagonk is a very interesting character and Hatt does a great job of fleshing him out.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great book to give to their child, as they’re going to find that Pat Hatt’s novel is one of the better children books on the market. If you’ve bough a Pat Hatt novel in the past, then there’s no reason to skip over this novel.

Zack’s Choice Book Review

A summer read is a light novel with a pacing that’s fast, and narrative that’s easy to follow. That’s everything oh he when you read Zack’s Choice, a great fast pace read with a solid plot that will hook you from the start.

The characters if this are solid and are easy to understand and feel for. The characters are well written and watching them expand from the start of the novel to the end is a great experience.

By far the most satisfying thing about this is the laid back plot that’s easy to read and tells a narrative that captures your attention from the start. The novel has high elements of mystery and suspense throughout the novel and you can feel the highs of the novel continuing through out the entire novel. The novel keeps you guessing and always makes sure that it’s the least thing that you could possible think of happening.

I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for a load back summer read to read as you’re on vacation or at the beach. This novel will definitely be a pleasure to read for any of the crime and mystery genres.


Got Any Kahlua Book Review

Reading through one of her other cook books, I thought that I would give Daniel Zwicke other novels a try. In his newest novel we learn recipes from The Big Lebowski, The Dude. This novel has a full array of stories and recipes that are both delicious and tell a great narrative. Daniel does a great job making this a hybrid novel for people who love cook books, but also love reading stories.

The story side of this novel is great and is told with great detail and an laid back, easy tone to understand. The stories are a great addition to the novel and adds a layer of comic, something you wouldn’t find in an average cook book. All of the recipes in this novel are great, and each one in informative about how to cook. They’re are some simple recipes inside of this novel, but then they’re are a few difficult one’s for the common person.

I would recommended this novel to any fan of The Big Lebowski as you’re going to fall in love with the stories and the recipes. Anybody who read any of his other books on other recipes will also fall in love with this novel as well.

100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story Book Review

21896084There’ nothing like a good true horror story that goes well telling a bonfires in the middle of a camping trip. And this chilling true story is based on the most know myth, Big foot. This story is focused on what it’s like for a family to have Big Foot living right across the street from you and the affect that this has had on their family. The premise is catchy and truly not something that you have seen in all of the many Big Foot novels and TV shows that You’ve seen.

If you’re looking for a book full off following/ tracking  Big Foot this one isn’t for you. Christine Dela Parker, does a great job of creating a new experience when it comes to Big Foot. This novel is told through a simplistic tone throughout that makes the story easy to read as well as being told through great description. This novel is a great read for those who are a fans of the more learning about the psychological problems of women dealing with Big Foot.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s a fan of the Big Foot myth as this novel takes a new swing at it from the non-fiction side and tells a true story about the Sasquatch monster.

Zombie Man Book Reviews

Pat Hatt does it again in his latest novel featuring a super hero in his novel. The main hero Zombie Man, a new super hero, goes out to save the day and first he’s hated and wanted dead but later starts to gain the trust of people and is cheered, on his rescues. Zombie Man is a great super hero who’s both drawn beautifully and enliven in this story. Pat does a great job making sure that Zombie Man is an interesting character who the fans of his older novels can definitely fall in love with.

As usual the art work in this novel is as splendid as the rest of his work, and for a story with some dark scenes and a dead main character, the colors are both bright and pleasant to the eyes. Zombie Man is well thought out and his designs are perfect. Everything down to his blue skin to the grayish bags under his eyes is done with detail and care.

Pat also does a great job making sure the rhymes and stays consistent throughout the story. His word choice adds make the story a great point for children who are both trying to learn new bigger words and trying to learn the words that they already know.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great read and learning experience for their children to read.

Skip Trace Secrets Book Review

The digital world can be a very open place for people to be spied on or have their every activities watched by either a brilliant computer hacker or an invasive friend. Valerie McGilvrey, uses her skills learned over years of investigating to bring you amazing tips to keep you hidden from the outside world. Whether if you’re trying to make it harder for a friend to snoop on your computer or make it harder for an investigator to follow you, then you are in for a treat in this novel.

Valerie does a good job of loading this first book of a series of books to help you stay low from unwanted attention. The tips are great and things that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of. Even if you’ve read other guides on similar topics this novel will probably still happen to have at least one tip that you haven’t heard of.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for some tips to stay low, as you’re going to learn a lot of useful tips ion this read.

The Twiceborn: Chiaroscuro

22638327Rarely do you find a well written lesbian novel as well written as, The Twiceborn: Chiaroscuro, by Rebecca Hill which tells the story of  death, hope, and mystery as Alora travels the country side answering the pleas of peasants on the country side. Rebecca Hill does a great job of making this story both enjoyable and entertaining, as well as making sure Alora the main character is both relatable and interesting to watch unfold through out the book.

Alora, is a fascinating character who’s a joy to watch unfold through out the novel. Unlike a lot of other books where the book is filled with static. boring characters, in Hill’s novel we are greeted with fully likable, relatable characters.

The pacing of this novel is also fast, which fits the genre well. Also, Hill does an amazing job with her writing style. Her style of writing is both fluid and smooth. Weaving in and out of scenes delicately and explaining the situations in a great clear tone that’s understandable.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a great read, as Rebecca makes this a great overall read for any one interested fans of lesbian fiction or not.

Proven Option Spread Trading Strategies Book Review

It’s not easy getting into the stock market and extra money is hard to invest in without knowing if you’ll see a return. So reading through this novel will help you and give you some new strategies to make sure that you can make a return investment. The tips that Billy Williams gives you are both helpful and insightful giving you great ways that you won’t find on online articles or floating around on the internet. The novel is both easy to understand making sure that everything is valid as well as being fluent, keeping everything flowing with a great pace. None of the tips seem over run, explained down to their motley details, but explained well enough for you to understand.

Getting into the trade hasn’t been easier with Williams newest novel to help you get the returns that you want. Make the small investment of getting this novel to learn all of the trades of option trading to find yourself a much larger return once reading through this novel.

Roan: The Tales of Conor Archer Book Review

This is definitely one of the best fantasy novels that I’ve read a long time. E. R. Bar does an amazing job of making this novel stand while using a familiar plot that we are used to but gives it enough flair and uniqueness that makes it stand out against all of the other novels in the genre. If you were into Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or any other novel along the lines you will find yourself right at home with E. R. Bar novel.

E. R. Bar does an amazing job developing his characters. The characters have strong dialogue and are fully developed in away that makes them stand out in a way that makes them feel believable. Even stepping away from the main character do we get to see a strong supporting characters also do an amazing job of keeping the novel enjoyable and fresh.

This is definitely a great fantasy novel by E. R. Bar and you’re truly missing out by not reading it. I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s a fan of Harry Potter, you will find yourself right at home with this novel.

Emoting in Poetry Book Review

5137LWBTlLI’ve always been a fan of poetry and love reading all types of it from Renaissance to the contemporary, so when a friend recommend, Emoting in Poetry, debut poetry novel by Shaun Dickinson, I thought I would give it a chance. Every single poem inside of this collection is told with a great deal of expression and articulate word choice, something that a lot of other poets just don’t have. But through his debut collection we can already see how talented Dickinson is.

The novel is separated into two different main parts, romance holding a few novels and the greater bulk of the novel being life which holds the most poems. The Life, parts of this novel goes into detail about you guessed it, Shaun Dickinson’s life. The poem get a great deal close to his life and we get to see his troubles from his days in High School all the way to his current days.

I would recommended this novel to anyone looking for some great poetry to read, as this Shaun does a great job giving a variety of both length and feeling. Some of his poems are long and bulky built with great heavy words, while others are short precise and to the point. Shaun truly does have an ability with words making this a great deal of works.